Massage Oil

Rich, non-greasy and retentive.

Begin and end your day by indulging in the richness of our Massage Oil – a non-greasy, retentive blend of whole ingredients. With the high vibrational energy of Australian Blue Cypress, it absorbs quickly, releasing tension through its anti-inflammatory capabilities. Treat your body to a soothing and revitalizing massage experience, ensuring both a serene start and a restful end to your day.

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  • 250mL
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$35.00 AUD
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Key Ingredients

Australian Blue Cypress:

Renowned for its anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and antioxidant properties, it embodies the essence of ethical wellness. Its high vibrational energy promotes a serene ambiance, offering a holistic experience for skin and senses. .

Jojoba oil:

Extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant, this golden liquid mimic the skin's natural oils, making it an ideal moisturizer. Packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins, jojoba oil nourishes and hydrates without clogging pores. Its gentle, non-comedogenic nature makes it suitable for all skin types, promoting balance, suppleness, and a radiant complexion.

Vitamin E:

A powerful antioxidant that supports skin health by neutralizing free radicals, Vitamin E is a key ingredient in our formulations. Derived from natural sources, it helps protect the skin from environmental damage, promotes collagen production, and aids in maintaining skin elasticity. Its moisturizing properties contribute to a smoother, healthier complexion, making it an essential component for nourishing and rejuvenating skincare.

Almond oil:

Extracted from the kernels of almonds, almond oil is a nutrient-rich emollient with numerous benefits for the skin. Packed with vitamins A and E, it helps soothe and moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and supple. The lightweight nature of almond oil makes it easily absorbable, providing hydration without clogging pores. Additionally, it contains fatty acids that contribute to skin repair and renewal.


Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Australian Blue Cypress Essential Oil, Natural Vitamin E Oil.


Fragrance Notes:

Mellow fragrant woody and balsamic (base), green (heart) and aromatic (head) notes
Store below 28C, away from direct sunlight


Warm massage oil between hands, massage into skin until absorbed. Use up to twice per day.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Eva Kalman

I just love the massage oil, very high quality and I can recommend it to everyone who are looking have for some local organic product

Susan Archer

When recently visiting Darwin on the Sea Princess I spotted the Kakadu Blue stand in the cruise ship terminal. After talking with the lady about the ache in my knee she sat me down and massaged the massage oil into my knee and down my leg. I thought I'll give it a try as I've tried all the over the counter anti-inflammatory creams so bought the $30 massage oil. Since returning to Sydney I have been applying the massage oil twice a day. It certainly relieved the aching I was experiencing. It may not help everyone but it has certainly helped me. I'm glad I came across this natural product.

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