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Kakadu Blue incorporates Australian Blue Cypress Oil in its skincare, health, and beauty product range. The tried and tested compounds Camphene, Terpineol, Humulene, Guaiol, Sesquiterpenes, and Guaiazulene, present in Australian Blue Cypress Oil, are active ingredients in the Kakadu Blue product range and have been tested by the Collins family.
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Ongoing clinical trials
Australian Blue Cypress Oil is distilled using steam from the Northern Cypress Pine, Callitris intratropica, which grows in the tropical dry forests and woodlands of the northernmost parts of Australia. This unique steam distillation process not only produces the essential oil but also leaves behind woodchips that can be used as aromatic garden mulch, potpourri, incense, and potentially in the extraction of other pharmaceutical products

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"The lip oil from this brand really works! Best product for extremely dry and cracked lips. You apply it liberally and consistently and the skin just HEALS."


"This is the best spray to keep the mozzies away. Works brilliantly for bites and burns too, my friend's daughter was attacked by green ants a couple of weeks ago and once I sprayed her with it she had calmed down in a couple of minutes. I can’t recommend this highly enough"


"I used the essential oil on a badly infected ear piercing and I wish I found this earlier! 100% not a gimmick I’m so happy with my results after 2 uses not to mention a little goes a long way so this product will last!"


"We’ve used the essential oil ( on cuts and scrapes) and the massage oil (for sore muscles, lower back pain and foot pain) and have found both to work really well. Highly recommend it."


"This soap is one of the best I have tried - it's not drying and doesn't have all the nasties you find in store brought soap. I buy this for the whole family to use."


"We visited Mindil Markets and came across Kakadu Blue, my husband had been suffering with a bad headache for a few days after explaining his symptoms the lady applied the Kakadu Blue oil and within minutes the headache had eased! Amazing Product! Highly Recommend"


"love kakadu blue body lotion as it clears my son eczema i call it the magic cream"


"I've been using the face cream since I was 14 years old. Now 24, I still swear by it. The days I forget to use the Face Cream, my pores enlarge and the pimples come back. It is more than beauty for me, I struggle with FND, POTS, Fibro, and chronic migraines. The Massage Oil provides me with relief from fluid retention and neuropathic pain and symptoms."


Team Member

"I made the range for myself and others. From eczema to arthritis, I use the products everywhere. It balances my body and mind"



"The products have really helped to treat my acne. I also use the face cream and body butter every day for my eczema. The whole range is great for my sensitive skin.


"I have found the massage oil to be very beneficial in muscle and joint pain management. i Often use it to ease my shoulder pain in preparation for my reconstruction, and it has never let me down."


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