Shipping & Orders

Why do you only offer Express Shipping?

Our products need to be stored under 28°C and many shipping conditions can get hot quickly. We express ship our products to reduce the risk and/or time the products spend in this environment.

Do you Ship Internationally?

Yes, we do! Non-express shipping options are available for international orders; however, we do recommend express if it is financially applicable.

How Long Will It Take to Get My Package?

2-4 business days in Australia. International shipping time will vary depending on the shipping method selected and your location.

How Do I Track My Order?

When your product is dispatched, you will receive a tracking number that you can use on the AusPost website or app.

Can I Return a Product?

We do not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges under change of mind. However, if there is a quality issue with your product, please email us at sales@kakadublue.com.au.


How do I store my product?

Store the product out of direct sunlight and below 28°C. Storing it in the fridge is best when living in a warm climate.

Why can't I get my essential oil out of the bottle?

Australian Blue Cypress has a high freezing point, which means it usually solidifies under 20°C. It is a simple fix - warm the bottle between your hands or place it in a bowl of warm water. Make sure to shake well if your oil has frozen after thawing.

Is the essential oil pure?

Yes, it is 100% pure Australian Blue Cypress oil.

Can you diffuse the essential oil?

Yes! You can diffuse Australian Blue Cypress in all types of diffusers. Be sure to clean your diffuser thoroughly after use.

Payments & Gift Cards

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa and Amex card. We also accept payment through PayPal, Apple Pay, Afterpay, Google Pay and Shop Pay. Authentic Kakadu Blue Gift cards are also accepted.

What Currency do you charge?

Australian Dollar - AUD$

Can I purchase a gift card?

Yes, you can purchase a gift card on our website. They are non-refundable, with a 3 year expiration date, and can be used for the dollar value on all products.

Where can I redeem my gift card?

Gift cards purchased online are only redeemable online. Purchases can be made with the gift card for click and collect.

How long do I have to use my gift card?

All gift cards have 3 years to be used from the day of purchase.

Can I return a gift card?

Gift cards are not refundable.


Are your products safe for infants?

We do not recommend using the essential oil on the skin of infants 6 months and under. However, Australian Blue Cypress is safe to use topically after 6 months in low percentage carrier products, such as the Face Cream and Sensitive Soap (1% Australian Blue Cypress oil). After the one-year mark, depending on the sensitivity of each child, products with a higher percentage, like the Blue Off or Body Butter (5% Australian Blue Cypress oil), and in some cases the pure essential oil can be used. Each child and adult is different, and altering usage and application is standard for all topical products. As labelled on our products, skin patch tests are always recommended.

How do I conduct a skin patch test?

We recommend applying a pea-size amount to the inner of your wrist and applying it as often you normally would. If a reaction occurs within 72 hours, cease use immediately and clean the area where the product was applied. 

If the reaction does not begin to improve, seek medical attention. If no reactions occur, proceed to use the product as directed.

Why am I suddenly allergic to your products?

According to the Australian Allergy Centre, it is possible to develop allergies over time. We have found that overuse of our products, such as applying essential oils topically more than three times a week or using body butter excessively, can lead to allergic reactions.

Our Australian Blue Cypress Oil is sold in its purest form and is highly potent. It is important to follow the directions specified on the bottle and use it in moderation. If you have suddenly developed an allergy to our products, stop using them immediately. If the reaction does not improve soon, seek medical attention.

Avoid using the products for at least a month after the allergic reaction has ceased. This can often allow people to restart using the products. Before continuing use, perform a skin patch test at least one month after the reaction has ceased to check if an allergy is still present. If irritation occurs, stop using the products.


Is it safe to diffuse around pets?

Yes, it is safe to use around pets.

Is it safe to use in pet shampoo?

Like humans, we recommend performing a skin patch test on your furry friend before using our products in their shampoo. The Collins family has been using our products in their pet's shampoo to keep ticks and fleas away since they discovered them. It is also available in existing pet care brands such as “Pure + Good” and “Bondi Wash”. 
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